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Elderly Parents and Disabled Children

Elizabeth is 83 years old and she cares for her daughter Jane. Jane is 44 years old and has Downs syndrome. Jane still lives at home and depends on Elizabeth for her accommodation.

Explaining the four types of Powers of Attorney in Victoria

A general power of attorney authorises a person to act on your behalf. The scope of this authority and the duration of its effect will depend on the terms of the power as determined by you.

Summary of Judgement

Ms Attanayake’s lodged a WorkCover claim for anxiety and depression caused by sexual harassment, bullying and threats during her work.

Cyclists and TAC after 8 July 2014

Anna Vadaketh of Robinson Gill reported in a blog on 7 June 2018 about a proposed amendment to the Transport Accident Act (TAA), which governs TAC claims. We are pleased to advise that this has now come into effect.

Executor duties

An executor is the person named in the deceased testator’s Will as the person they want to be in charge of dealing with their estate after their death.

Am I in a de facto relationship?

A de facto relationship is defined in section 4 AA of the Family Law Act 1975 as a relationship in which a couple lived together on a genuine domestic basis.

Should I stay or should I go? Whether to leave the home after separation

If you are thinking of separating or have separated it is best to get competent legal advice.

New law on sunset clauses in off-the-plan contracts

The Sale of Land Amendment Bill 2018 (Bill) was introduced on 21 August 2018 proposing to amend the operation of sunset clauses in off-the-plan contracts by amending the Sale of Land Act 1962 (Vic) (Act).

Smith v State of Victoria [2018] VSC 475

The Plaintiffs in this application are a mother and three children. They were the victims of multiple acts of family violence by the children’s father over the course of a decade.

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