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Recently Married? Create a Couples Will

Meet Sarah and James, a recently married couple in their early thirties. After exchanging vows and beginning their journey as spouses, they realised the importance of safeguarding their assets and securing their future together.

State of NSW v Madden – Questions of Bias, Unlawful Detention and Arrest

The Supreme Court of New South Wales Court of Appeal has recently handed down its ruling in the case of State of NSW v Madden, with a number of key issues determined upon.

Property Disputes Involving Siblings – An Incredible Case of Betrayal

This case study explores a property dispute between siblings, whose previously strong relationship turned sour following numerous breaches of trust, including the unknowing removal of directorship from a company, the sale of property and misappropriation of funds.

Commercial property: why is it important to conduct due diligence on leases and tenants

Many investors purchase retail and commercial properties for investment, such as retail shops, warehouses, shopping centres and childcare centres. The value of these properties largely depends on whether they are tenanted, and the quality of the leases.

Akl v TAC [2024] VCC 242

Recently the County Court examined whether a young adult can be found to be suffering from a “severe” psychiatric injury when, as an 8 year old child, he was exposed to the immediate aftermath of a transport accident in which his older ‘father figure’ brother was killed.

Video: Total and permanent disability (TPD) insurance cover eligibility explained

In this short video, Jacinta Richards explains TPD insurance cover and where it may be applicable to your injury situation.

Major Changes to WorkCover entitlements

Despite objections and in the face of recommendations published by an independent enquiry, the State Government passed the Workplace Injury Rehabilitation and Compensation Amendment Act 2024 on Wednesday 13 March 2024.

Connelly v TAC – Injury meets the ‘very considerable’ test

The Supreme Court of Victoria Court of Appeal has recently passed down its judgement in the case of Connelly v Transport Accident Commission [2024] VSCA 20.

Video: Making a WorkCover claim – helping you through the process

In this short video, Lisa Paul provides background on the WorkCover claims process and sets out what you may be entitled to claim.

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