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A great place to start is to complete our 'Do I have a case?' chatbot for Police Misconduct. This confidential and free tool will help our lawyers quickly assess your chances of bringing legal action against the State Government of Victoria.

It can help with misconduct offences against Victoria Police, Australian Federal Police, Protection Services Officers and Corrections Officers.

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Proving Intentional Wrongdoing in Malicious Prosecution Cases

Malicious Prosecution claims involve accusations against public officers and/or private citizens of fabricating evidence or wrongfully pursuing legal proceedings against a person.

Sharman (a pseudonym) v The King [2024] — Police Accountability for the Use of OC Spray (‘Pepper Spray’) and Patterns of Misconduct

The Supreme Court of Victoria recently dismissed an application from a Victoria Police sergeant for leave to appeal a decision concerning the unlawful use of pepper spray and other physical force.

State of NSW v Madden – Questions of Bias, Unlawful Detention and Arrest

The Supreme Court of New South Wales Court of Appeal has recently handed down its ruling in the case of State of NSW v Madden, with a number of key issues determined upon.