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It can help with misconduct offences against Victoria Police, Australian Federal Police, Protection Services Officers and Corrections Officers.

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The Erosion of Justice: Examining Police Misconduct in the Case of Mr. Spedding

In the case of State of New South Wales v Spedding [2023] NSWCA 180, William Spedding was a person of interest and prime suspect in the disappearance of 3-year-old William Tyrrell in 2014.

Criminal Law: Use of force

The use of force in a lawful, reasonable and proportionate manner is essential for the rule of law.

Cullen v State of New South Wales: A Landmark Case on Duty of Care at Protest Rallies

In the highly significant case of Cullen v State of New South Wales [2023] NSWSC 653, fundamental questions regarding the duty of care during public protests have been brought to the forefront.