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Our Melbourne-based Principals are all Accredited Specialists of the Law Institute of Victoria. The first consultation is always free and you’ll never incur any costs without explicit agreement.

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Robinson Gill Lawyers have provided VFBV with legal support and advice for many years and have a strong understanding of CFA volunteer culture and values.

All CFA District 13 Volunteers who are members of Brigades/Groups affiliated with VFBV are eligible for a free standard will.

To receive your free standard will*, please
request a Will Instruction Sheet by emailing

If your personal situation or assets are more complicated, you may require a non-standard will. In this situation, our experts will review your will information sheet and provide a quote. VFBV members will receive a 20% discount for non-standards wills.

* A standard will is where all the assets are left to beneficiaries with no special conditions attached.

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WorkCover: You cannot be serious!

John McEnroe’s famous edict can strike a shiver down the spine of any plaintiff personal injury lawyer. This is because proof of ‘serious injury’ is the threshold for making a common law claim for damages under either the WorkCover or TAC schemes.