Jeremy King

Accredited Specialist
Injury Law

Holding the powerful to account

Jeremy King is a Principal Lawyer and head of the Police Misconduct team at Robinson Gill.

With an imposing track record of high-profile actions against the Victorian police, Jeremy is at the forefront of the fight for police oversight and accountability. Through both his landmark litigation and advocacy work, he has played a key role in shaping legislative reform across Australia.

Leading the charge against police misconduct

With cases regularly appearing in the media spotlight, Jeremy has acted for countless vulnerable individuals who have fallen victim to mistreatment by the state. In the face of fierce opposition, he has been responsible for some of the most successful claims ever brought against the Victorian police.

Working at the intersection of civil, criminal and human rights law right up to the Supreme Court, Jeremy is no stranger to raising novel arguments without precedent. Working closely with expert witnesses and counsel, he routinely pushes the limits of a legal system which is often still playing catch-up.

In 2021, Jeremy acted on behalf of Chris Karadaglis in the highest settlement ever achieved against the Victorian police. A victim of shocking police brutality which left him with a lifetime disability, Chris was awarded a settlement of 11.7 million AUD. In 2022, Jeremy represented Dani Laidley in a notoriously high-profile settlement after confidential custody photographs were leaked to the media by police.

An advocate for reform

With one eye always fixed on the bigger picture, Jeremy is an advocate not only for his own clients, but for wider legislative improvements to police accountability. A firm believer in the power of law reform to prevent, rather than remedy, abuses of power, he is a key contributor to various inquiries, including the IBAC Parliamentary Inquiry into the External Oversight of Police Corruption and Misconduct in Victoria.

Jeremy was one of the main driving forces behind the hard fought campaign for reform of the Surveillance Devices Act 1999 to allow evidence from body-worn cameras (including those used by police officers) to be used in civil proceedings. Following extensive litigation and advocacy efforts, the law was successfully amended in 2021, with significant implications for victims of police brutality.

TAC motor vehicle accident claims

As an accredited personal injury lawyer, Jeremy also specialises in TAC (motor vehicle accident) compensation claims. He was instrumental in drafting the revised TAC Common Law, Impairment Assessment and No-Fault Dispute Resolution Protocols between 2014 and 2016, and is an active member of the Transport Accident Commission (TAC) Legal Liaison Group.

Key successes

  • Tim Atkins: advocated for a top-down overhaul of IBAC’s legislative powers following failure to investigate police brutality.
  • Chris Karadaglis: achieved the highest ever settlement against Victoria police following an assault by police officers which left the victim quadriplegic for life.
  • Dani Laidley: achieved a high-profile settlement for damages after confidential custody photographs were leaked to the media by police.
  • Eathan Cruse: Acted in the high-profile case of Cruse v State of Victoria (2019) in which the claimant was awarded a six figure sum after suffering shocking brutality by the police.

Jeremy is also a member of the TAC Protocols Working Group, the TAC Legislative Working Group, and the TAC Joint Medical Examination Reference Group. In 2020, he received the award for ALA Member of the Year for his leadership in the COVID crisis.


  • Master of Laws (International Human Rights Law and Criminal Justice)
  • Bachelor of Laws
  • Bachelor of Arts
  • Accredited Specialist in Personal Injury Law (LIV)


  • Founding Member of VicPolWatch
  • TAC Protocols Working Group
  • TAC Legislative Working Group
  • TAC Joint Medical Examination Reference Group
  • Member, Law Institute of Victoria

Recognised in Doyles Guide 2023

Workers Compensation - Leading - 2023
Accident Compensation - Recommended - 2023
Public Liability - Recommended - 2023

Recognised in Doyles Guide 2022

Doyles Guide - Workers Comp - Leading - 2022
Doyles Guide - Public Liability - Recommended - 2022
Doyles Guide - Accident Compensation - Recommended - 2022

Recognised in Doyles Guide 2021

Doyles - Workers Compensation - Leading - 2021
Doyles - Accident Compensation - Recommended - 2021
Doyles - Public Liability - Leading - 2021

Recognised in Doyles Guide 2020


ALA Member of the Year 2020

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