Unfair Contract Terms Law Reform – Reconsider Your Standard Form Contracts to Avoid Penalty

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Exploring the Limits of an Employer’s Vicarious Liability

The High Court, in allowing the appeal in CCIG Investments Pty Ltd v Schokman [2023] HCA 21, refused to extend the application of vicarious liability for harm due to an unfortunate incident in employee accommodation.

Shareholders and directors’ rights to access books and records of the company (Part 1)

As a shareholder of a company, if you discover the company conducting suspicious transactions or suspect mismanagement of the company, you would certainly want to inspect the company’s financial information to clear your doubts and ascertain the facts.

False Imprisonment, Abuse of Process & the Issue of Judicial Immunity

In December 2018, a judge in the Federal Circuit Court of Australia ordered the applicant in a family law case to be imprisoned for contempt of court. Mr Stradford (a pseudonym) spent seven days in custody