Property Disputes Involving Siblings – An Incredible Case of Betrayal

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Proving Intentional Wrongdoing in Malicious Prosecution Cases

Malicious Prosecution claims involve accusations against public officers and/or private citizens of fabricating evidence or wrongfully pursuing legal proceedings against a person.

Starting a Family? Create a Couples Will

Meet Mel and Rahul, a married couple in their thirties. After adjusting to life as a young family with their firstborn and planning for the arrival of their second child, Mel and Rahul realised the importance of safeguarding their assets and securing the family’s future together.

The golden rule and the bamboo curtain: Victoria Police disclosure obligations in criminal proceedings

In determining whether police are bound by obligations to disclose material to the Court, the preferred position in Victoria seems to be the adoption of a logic of classifying the police as part of the ‘total apparatus of the prosecution’.