Adele Katzew

Accredited Specialist
Family Law

"I felt like I had someone
in my corner."

Lead Family Law Principal, Adele Katzew, gets this feedback from clients on a regular basis.

Adele’s strength is helping people feel comfortable whilst they're dealing with the legal complexities and emotional strain of separation and divorce.

She achieves this by helping clients identify and get a positive outcome, sorting things out on their behalf - and most importantly, providing people with as much certainty as possible when their lives may feel out of their control.

Adele takes the time to understand your personal situation

Adele is more than a divorce lawyer. Whilst many family lawyers approach each client in the same manner, Adele’s years of experience have equipped her with a unique ability to recognise the subtleties of each person’s situation and provide strategic advice that helps people emotionally and financially plan out the rest of their lives.

She has helped clients navigate amicable separations as well as advised people in hostile or dangerous relationships. Adele can successfully negotiate and represent clients for and against parenting arrangements, child support, intervention orders, spousal maintenance and property and asset division.

Adele has experience advising clients on more complex situations such as where a children’s safety or wellbeing is in question, international relocation, applying for or preventing a child's overseas travel, applications by grandparents and pre-nuptial agreements as well as complicated financial matters involving companies and trusts.

A genuine specialist, a family lawyer

Since starting her legal career in 2000, Adele has been practising exclusively in the area of family law. She is an Accredited Specialist Family Lawyer and now serves as a member of the Family Law Specialisation Advisory Committee for the Law Institute of Victoria, which is responsible for examining candidates for specialisation in Family Law. Adele is also trained in Collaborative Law, a non-adversarial process for resolving cases.

Adele is a member of the Family Law section of the Law Council of Australia, Victorian Women Lawyers and the Law Institute of Victoria. She has also received a Rogers Legal Writing Award – High Commendation by the Law Institute of Victoria for her article, “Transforming Lives” published in the Law Institute Journal. She holds Law and Arts degrees from the University of Melbourne.

With Adele, you will immediately know that you have a true professional in your corner.


  • Bachelor of Laws with Honours
  • Bachelor of Arts (Psychology major) from the University of Melbourne


  • Board of Directors, Carrington Health
  • Family Law section of the Law Council of Australia
  • Victorian Women Lawyers
  • The Law Institute of Victoria
  • The Association of Family and Conciliation Courts

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