You may also need to consider:

A potential return to work date and plan.

Decisions regarding your capacity to return to work should be guided by your treating doctor.
Your doctor should regularly assess your capacity to work and provide up to date Certificates of Capacity to the WorkCover insurer.

This will include your capacity to return to work as well as your ability to participate in any return to work plans.

Only once your treating doctor has stated that you are able to return to work on full or modified duties should you return to work.

An additional claim through your Super & TPD insurance

If you have a superannuation policy that includes cover for workplace injuries, you may be entitled to additional compensation.

Update your will

After a workplace injury event, it can be wise to update your will (or draft your first will). Our Wills team can offer you a complimentary review of your will. Bring it your first appointment or use our online tool and have it reviewed by a lawyer.

Resources & FAQs

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工伤赔偿指南:Robinson Gill助您轻松应对工伤索赔

在维多利亚州,工伤赔偿的手续可能非常复杂。Robinson Gill睿杰律师事务所致力于为您提供清晰而全面的指导,帮助您了解维多利亚WorkCover计划下受伤员工的权利。

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