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Changes to TAC – Lantern Pay

Jacinta Richards | | Injury Law, Motor Vehicle Accidents, Workers' Compensation

In the past people injured in car accidents and their service providers have been required to send invoices or receipts to the TAC requesting that it be paid.  This resulted in sometimes lengthy delays in payment or reimbursement of services and often resulted in providers seeking payments up front.

A further change introduced by the TAC is a paperless invoicing system, much like the private health Hicaps billing system, called Lantern Pay.

Eligible services include allied health (such as physiotherapy and chiropractic), pharmacy expenses (medications), home services (such as cleaning and lawn mowing), equipment expenses (under $1000), mental health services (counseling, psychologist attendances), TAC requested medical reports (from treatment providers), interpreting services (for assistance at appointments), vocational rehabilitation services (re-training and assistance provided to return to work), general practitioner and specialist treatment (excluding surgery).

This system means that a provider registered with Lantern Pay can submit an online request to TAC for payment of services immediately on providing them, therefore avoiding delays and unnecessary out of pocket expenses.

Treatment and service providers can sign up to Lantern Pay here

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